Using the Keyboard in OpenMD.life Cloud Desktop      NCATS Conversations AI & Healthcare Data Science Basics Reading a Scientific Article

			Medical Science at Your Fingertips
			Using the Keyboard

			OpenMD.life is a machine teaching
			health system.

			These are OpenMD.life Key Commands.

			They work everywhere on OpenMD.life
			including the Controller and Toolbar.


			Key Commands are deactivated on
			Utilities search pages.

Key Commands · KeyCommands.life K Key Commands you are here welcome OpenMD.life · OpenMD.life for more O OpenMD.life F Launch New OpenMD.life full height & width N Launch New OpenMD.life normal height & width Homescreen · Homescreen.life for more H Homescreen Q Quick Access Homescreen, Utilities, MySession ... Utilities · Utilities.life for more U Utilities Search Tools for Medical Databases below M MedGen Database of over 400,000 Medical Concepts B BioProject Database of Projects by Clinical Trial Sponsors P PubMed Database of Research Journals with over 30 Million Articles S Clinical Trial Sponsors Database with over 300,000 Clinical Trials G The Human Reference Genome Database of over 50,000 Genes Controller · Controller.life for more C Launch a Controller ⇗ X Launch a Controller with Utilities only ⇗ Toolbar · Toolbar.life for more T Launch a Toolbar ⇗ Browsing · Browsing.life for more Left Arrow Previous Page in Session History Right Arrow Next Page in Session History AutoML · AutoML.life for more A Automated Machine Learning (AutoML) \ Open AutoML.life without running it TeachML · TeachML.life for more E Error Report Selected Text L Learn Learn Selected Text Donate · Cloudfund.life D Donate $10 Workstation · Workstation.life under construction W Workstation · under construction Fund Key Commands Key Commands are funded by Cloudfund.life Add Funds and grow this public enterprise service.
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