Using the Keyboard in OpenMD.life Cloud Desktop      AI & Healthcare Data Science Basics Reading a Scientific Article

			Medical Science at Your Fingertips
			Using the Keyboard

			OpenMD.life is a machine teaching
			health system.

			These are OpenMD.life Key Commands.

			They work everywhere on OpenMD.life
			including the Controller and Toolbar.


			Key Commands are deactivated on
			Utilities search pages.

			To try the new Voice Commands
			visit Commands.life

KeyCommands.life K Key Commands you are here welcome OpenMD.life O OpenMD.life A Free Global Health System F Launch New OpenMD.life full height & width N Launch New OpenMD.life normal height & width Homescreen.life H Homescreen.life Cloud Desktop Q Quick Access Preview Homescreen.life Utilities.life U The Utilities Search Tools for Medical Databases M MedGen Database of over 400,000 Medical Concepts B BioProject Database of Projects by Clinical Trial Sponsors P PubMed Database of Research Journals with over 30 Million Articles S Clinical Trial Sponsors Database with over 300,000 Clinical Trials G The Human Reference Genome Database of over 50,000 Genes Controller.life C Launch a Controller ⇗ X Launch a Controller with Utilities only ⇗ Toolbar.life T Launch a Toolbar ⇗ V Launch a Vertical Toolbar ⇗ Browsing.life Left Arrow Previous Page in Session History Right Arrow Next Page in Session History TeachML.life A Machine Teaching How to Teach Automated Machine Learning E Error Report an Error in Highlighted Text L Learn Learn from Highlighted Text Cloudfund.life D Donate $10 Reward Volunteer Developers Fund Key Commands Key Commands are funded by Cloudfund.life Add Funds and grow this public enterprise service.
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